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Our products have been applied
in many areas


The automotive industry is characterized by a special emphasis on the resistance of the print to external conditions as well as accuracy and precision. Thanks to the advanced technology and the use of specialized foils with appropriate parameters and properties, we are able to meet the expectations of most demanding customers.

We have successfully completed production line project for hot stamping of following parts:
‣ hubcaps
‣ engine cover,
‣ car air vents,
‣ brake fluid reservoir caps
‣ front grill,
‣ license plate frames.

Home appliances

Home appliances industry requires from machines high versatility, with strong emphasis on their ergonomics and the duration of individual operations and retooling time.

We have successfully completed machines for:
‣ decoration of small and large home appliances,
‣ testing,
‣ production of vacuum cleaner hoses for a global leader in the industry.

Cosmetic packaging

The industry is particularly sensitive to the visual aspects and aesthetics of the decoration, both on the sides and on the top of the closures, as well as the efficiency and continuity of the process (due to the long production series).

We have been providing solutions for the cosmetic packaging industry for many years and we understand the specificity of this market very well. Our machines for decoration of cosmetic packaging meet high requirements of leading cosmetics manufacturers in terms of accuracy and quality of printing, even for the smallest details.

We have successfully completed machines for:
‣ decoration of parts using hot stamping,
‣ closure lining insert (sealing),
‣ assembling of parts composed of several elements.

Aviation industry

Our experience from other industries allowed us to establish cooperation with the aerospace industry, that requires top precision, and with which we have been cooperating in the production of tooling for production lines for 10 years.

Glass packagings

The decoration of glass packaging using hot stamping technology requires precision and perfect repeatability in various shapes, often irregular. It requires prior covering of the decorated part with an appropriate undercoat in the screen print technology.

Correctly executed process guarantees durability and aesthetics of prints.