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Production line (hot stamping + assembly)

Line (APO-MS)

Power supply

3× 400V AC

Pneumatic supply

6 bar

Installed power

4 kW

Nominal capacity

1000 pcs/h

Parameters may be different in final product.

Wsparcie techniczne

Technical description

Operating mode

  • Automatic

Print method

  • Up-down

Application technique (hot stamping)

  • Flat surfaces


  • Siemens

Control and user operation

  • 7″ touchscreen
  • Setting mode switched by key
  • Side mounted control panel
  • LED signal lamp (3-colours) with an acoustic signal

Safety elements

  • Upper safety guards made of aluminum profiles and polycarbonate,


  • Anodized aluminum profiles
  • Fixed lower safety guards

Head (hot stamping)

  • Heated (stamp)
  • Pneumatic drive
  • Automatic foil rewinding/winding system
  • Head adjustment
  • Foil tear-off system

Parts feeding

  • Belt conveyor
  • Vibro-feeder

Internal transport

  • Manipulator
  • Rotary assembly

Parts receiving

  • Belt conveyor
  • System of parts segregation

Extension modules

  • Initial deionization module with fan blower
  • Assembly module
  • Module of pressing part after assembly with assembly correctness control
  • Vision control system for quality of print

Additional information

  • EC declaration of conformity
  • Warranty – 12 months
  • User manual in Polish